Q – My wife and I like to gamble and we go on upscale gambling vacations twice a year. We’ve heard that there is something coming to Miami to be built by the Chinese that will be the largest casino in the States. Is there any truth to this?  As a suggestion, your coverage of gambling destinations is really inadequate.

A –  There are kernels of truth in the rumor but this is by no means a done deal. The problem any major gambling enterprise faces in Florida is that the current Chamber of Commerce Chairman is a top Disney executive. And the Mouse does not approve of gambling.

The project you refer to is the 30-acre Resorts World Miami. This is a design by a Malaysian company called the Gerting Company. Their plans call for 800,000 square feet of gambling space, 5,000 hotel rooms, and 50 restaurants and bars.

We think that the gaming industry is going to be fascinating to watch in the next 24 months as strapped for cash municipalities, wrestle with the temptations to generate cash. Currently twenty-two states have legalized gambling. Miami may be looking at Clark County, home to Las Vegas. 2011 gambling revenues in Clark reached $9.2 billion last year.

If you feel our coverage of gambling issues is “inadequate” we’ll give you your money back. Oh, wait a moment, you didn’t pay us anything.