Travelers to Italy this summer need to know the basic rules of coffee etiquette. It will really help you tear into the fabric of the country. Start with standing – you’ll pay significantly less than the tourists seated at the tables. Never order a latte – only young children actually drink milk in Italy. It is, however, permisso to order a cafe latte in the morning, The biggest breach of coffee etiquette concerns tourists who order a cappuccino in the afternoon or evening. Italians think that anyone who drinks anything with milk in it after 12:00 noon is “patzo”.

They don’t do Frappuccinos in Italy, unless you are actually in a Starbuck’s. But be prepared to lose style points if you are found in such an emporiumn.

Order a “caffe” in Italy and it is really just an espresso served in a demitasse cup. The Italian standing next to you may wellorder a “doppio”. That is not a commentary on the oturists at the bar, it is a double espresso. If you want a lighter blend of espresso so you can actually sleep during the evening hours, order a caffe Americano. This is really a watered down espresso and is served in a larger cup.

The purchase of a caffe at the bar entitles you to use the bar’s restroom. A valuable thing to know. And, again, if your legs can handle it, always stand rather than sit. You’ll pay at l