Q – I read this site all the time now and I know you are not particularly child-centered. But please help us. We’ve got eleven year-old Natalie and thirteen year-old George, Muggles one and all. They are begging us to take them to Universal for a week of Harry Potterizing. Has anyone on your staff been there and is it worth it. We can afford to spend more than most but we want our kids to have the best possible adventure and experience so just wondering what you think. We’d stay at a really nice hotel – I figure my husband and I will need it at the end of seven or eight very long days. If you don’t have an opinion, we’ll still be loyal fans and readers.

A – We have an opinion on rice. No worries. We don’t think you should go to Universal in Orlando, despite the fact that they have done an outstanding job creating “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.” Instead, we suspect your kids might appreciate the ultimate adventure in the northwest suburbs of London. It may take a few hours longer to fly to London than Orlando but, ahh, the wonders that await.

Casual American visitors often miss the opportunity because it requires public bus transportation. Pre-book the tour, about $132 USD for a family of four, by going to   When you set off on your visit make your way to the Watford Junction station in central London and take the bus Northeast to “Harry’s”. Everyone at the station will know the right bus. You’ll be dropped off twenty minutes later.

The studio tour is brand new and features the original sets and props and special effects used in all eight movies. So you get to actually enter Hogwart’s Hall, spend a few moments in the “Defense Against the Dark Arts” classroom, and seek wisdom in Dumbledore’s Office. The actual make-up studio and prop rooms are fascinating and any any true Potter fan will salivate at the notion of strolling down Diagon Allen.You can even make a deposit in the Gringotts Wizarding Bank.

So, our advice is to get thee to London. The kids can visit Florida when they’re in their nineties.