Q – Cool site but we I wish you could tell us where we can find you on Facebook. We’ve tried several searches and we can’t seem to find anything.

A – Well first you have to sign in to Facebook. Then put our name, Churchill and Turen Ltd., or our web site name, in the space before the slashmark. Then search. You will, of course, discover that we are not there. It isn’t so much the privacy issues, although they are rather serious, it isn’t so much that we are against enriching Mark Zuckerberg even further so he has a nice little nest egg for his digital retirement, it isn’t that we are afraid we would attract new “friends”, even though they are not really friends because our friends have to do more than click a finger on the word “like”. No, we’re not on Facebook because we think most of what we see there is  silly and juvenile and, largely, a form of social masturbation.

You will note that we have Facebook links and you can push any of our stuff into cyberspace to be read by “friends”. But we like you to push the buttons and initiate the action. We’re too shy to do it ourselves. We’re extremely comfortable just chatting with folks who call us on the telephone or write to us in this space. We don’t need to see your wall, know where you went to high school, or see pictures of what you ate for lunch. We just want to share some of what we think may help you travel more efficiently, more ntelligently, and more safely.

And yes, we do see the hypocrisy of our stance. We know this site is a form of social media. And we may have to go on Facebook at some point if enough of our “fans” insist. But for now, please allow us to stick with “95% of it is just silly.”