The airlines and many online ticket agencies are livid over new U.S. Transportation Department rules that went into effect in January that require airlines to advertise and quote the full price of an airline ticket inclusive of required taxes and all fees. This new regulation has the effect of making it appear that the price of airline tickets has risen suddenly and dramatically. 

The airlines, until last month, could quote the actual ticket fare and leave it to sellers to add in all the necessary taxes and fees. Now they must be revealed for all to see. Now, the fact that they were trying to deceive the flying public for lo these many years, is suddenly revealed. The trade group for the airlines thinks this is a terrible development because it will make the public, stupid as we all know they are, feel that prices have actually gone up. This will hurt airlines trying to recover from bankruptcy or reorganization and merger. But the new regulations are rather specific. The airlines will still not have to reveal so-called “optional” fees such as those charged for baggage, meals, or the on board entertainment systems.

So how are the airlines themselves reacting to the new “tell the actual price” regulations? Three airlines, and do note who they are, have actually filed a lawsuit to halt them from taking effect. Those airlines are Allegiant, Southwest, and Spirit.