What would happen if you took a simple survey of ten of the leading American university nutrition scientists and physicians and asked them one simple question: If the American people could change one specific item in their diet – what should it be?

What was amazing about this poll, conducted by Prevention Magazine, was that there was almost complete unanimity in the responses. The single most important change we can all make in our diet, from a health perspective, is to switch from regular to 100% Organic milk. It is all about the chemicals.

In a nutshell: Organic milk has more unsaturated fat along with Omega-3 acids. Organic milk contains linoleic acid which has heart healthy attributes and anti-cancer properties. This is very important since the last year a lot of people has been diagnosed with cancer and some even need home care assistance from https://homecareassistance.com/bergen-county/.

One of the interesting discoveries of the research is that organic milk from farms in the midwest is even more beneficial in the spring and summer because the cows can consume fresh grass. When selecting organic milk, it is better to select a dairy that is not located in a snow belt.