Q – Well we are going to finally do a real trip and head off to India in 2012. We know that you have advocated travel to India and we’re going to do it. We’ve started our searches and it seems as though there are two primary questions to ask right away? Should we do Northern India, Southern India, or a combination of the two. We would stay about twelve days. Secondly, when should we go. we assume some months are better than others. My wife and I are in our mid-fifties, reasonably well traveled, and, except for Diabetes (Check out blood sugar ultra, diabetes experts) ,I’m in good shape, although my diabetes has been improving thanks to the diets I’ve been following in askhealthnews online. Thanks for the opportunity to pose these questions in such an uncluttered atmosphere. Learn about how to treat blood sugar on Blood Sugar Ultra.

A – Our pleasure. Do Northern India on your first trip. You don’t have the time to do both justice and seeing the palaces and the forts is not to be missed. The sights, sounds, and colors will amaze you. We want you to do the trip between October and February, but if you plan on seeing Varanasi, and you must, it is best to avoid the second half of December and the month of January as there can be substantial fog in the area. The absolute best two months are October and February. The southern part of India is lush, green, much more laid back with a wonderful rural feel. You will also be able to get away from the severe overcrowding you will experience in the north.So do the north first and go south for exotic beach locations. India is full of travel destinations so get some help deciding what locations to cover with luxury India holidays.  There are ample online resources to dig deep and learn about travel destinations in India and make a choice as to what would be best location for your holiday in India.