Q – We read your “Cruise Line Sophistication Index” with a great deal of interest. But we’re less afraid of being at sea with sophisticates then we are locked up for a week or two with “snobs.” Any chance you would help out any number of traveltruth readers who feel like we do by listing those lines most apt to attract passengers with a need to show off  their jewelry and their wealth. I know which of the lines are the top-rated but I have no idea how comfortable we would be with the on-board crowd.

A – Our first impression is that you probably should not be thinking about going on a top-rate line if you are worried that some of your fellow guests may be affluent in the extreme. Clearly some will fit that category. We would not attempt to create a snob index because that would portray some very nice, kind, and generous guests in an unfairly negative manner. So let’s compromise a bit. Let us offer you our estimate of the net worth index, pointing out those lines with the most affluent guests:

# 5 – Regent Seven Seas

# 4 – Seabourn

# 3 – Crystal

# 2 – Silverseas

# 1 – Residensea