Travelers to Beijing need to “mask-up” before setting out to see the city this week as heavy clouds of industrial smog hang over the city. There is an air monitor mounted on the roof of the U.S. Embassy. This week the needle went past the end of the index, indicating a level of pollution that was beyond ordinary measurement. Travelers from the United States headed for China ought to pack the best available portable masks. Stores in some Beijing neighborhood have reportedly run out of their supply. You get rather used to pollution or “smog” as the government refers to it. It comes from the industrial ghettos on the outer edges of the city. But this week it just seemed more serious than in the past. We’re talking about a near total lack of visibility for hours at a stretch. Locals are buying masks and tiny air filters but the tourists seem ill-prepared. Even the airport had to concede the visibility was unfit for take-offs and landings and hundreds of flights have been cancelled. Anyone with any type of respiratory issues should re-consider travel to China at this time. If you want to buy best masks https://www.bestmask.net will give you detailed information.