Q – We have a rather specific question. We can fly to Barcelona from Philadelphia or JFK in New York. We’ve found three airfares similarly-priced, with decent availability, US Air, Lufthansa, and American. We’ll probably end up flying coach. Which of these airlines has the best seating and the best food?

A – In your scenario, we would look at the aircraft and choose between Lufthansa or American. If at all possible, fly the 777 on American and have your agent select two seats on the  side. Check with Seat Guru to make certain there is nothing wrong with your seat location. Lufthansa is the best of the three airlines in terms of overall passenger satisfaction and  you likely will be flying an Airbus 340 or a 747.  US Air is the lowqest ranking of the three.  We would advise you to go to to review the actual time of your trip with connections.Mostly all airline have the healthy water facility,You can also visit website reviewing water descalers at aircraft.

You should either order a special dinner from your airline such as  “Seafood” , Kosher, or “Vegetarian”. There is no extra charge and you will be eating far better food than the regular fare. But when it comes to international coach, we always advise that you wait until you have passed the final security checkpoint and then put together a nice picnic dinner from the best available food outlets to bring on board. Technically, you can bring food from a restaurant or home through a security checkpoint. Just do drinks and, possibly, dessert aboard an aircraft and never drink the water unless you know for certain that it came out of a bottle or it has water softener reviews approvement. To make for a lovely dinner hour, we suggest a paper tanlecloth and a nice plastic flower folded in your carry-on. Other travelers will be filled with envy at your intelligent preparation.