Q – We are scheduled to go on a wonderful South America trip on February 2nd planned by our travel agent in Rochester (New York).  But we have real concerns about a snowstorm or ice on the wings or any number of winter problems that could ruin our departure and put us days behind. My question concerns “who do you call” if you find out your flight is cancelled or your airport is closed. My agent works part-time and I am not certain I could reach her in an emergency or even that she would be able to help me out in an emergency. Is there any service or number you can call in a winter emergency?

A – We are proud of you for not suggesting a call to the airline. The closest thing to a service is www.crankyconcierge.comThese folks, for a fee, will monitor your status and help you find alternative transportation in a weather or other emergency. Brett Snyder is the owner and operates a popular blog called crankyflyer.com This concierge service is still rather new but, given your scenario, we would suggest you give it a try. Remember to program your cell phone with all relevant contact numbers before you leave the house. And be grateful. We here Rochester weather is delightful between September 25th and 29th.