Qantas Airlines has an in-flight film channel called “The Edge”. It is interesting to note that the video-on-demand system has an option to “learn improved sex techniques”.  It turns out that the video is a French documentary entitled “The Female Orgasm Explained.”  The documentary includes excerpts from some dated porno films, complete with all of the appropriate sound effects. If children are flying unaccompanied or if kids are seated nearby, the flight attendants have the ability to block the video.

In a not very related story just this August, photos of a pilot and a flight attendant in flagrant delicato went viral on the Internet. Both employees were fired. The airline in question, Cathay Pacific, ranks among the top five airlines worldwide in our most recent traveltruth ratings. Part of the PR problem with this “non-event” was that Cathay had just launched a new ad campaign which asked passengers to “meet the team who go the extra mile to make you feel special.” We would not be reporting this were it not for the fact that we discovered that the Cathay PR imbroglio is being discussed in marketing classes at Harvard.  Was the Cathay CEO, John Slosar, correct in reacting by firing both employees despite the fact that there were no signs that safety was being compromised at the time.  The Harvard Business Review suggests that Slosar should have used a martial arts technique called “jujitsu” which involves taking your weakness and exploiting it as a major benefit. You will more idea about arts go and check Stop Sharpening your Knives website. There’s no shame going in-store to buy sex toys, but many people still feel uncomfortable discussing sexual preferences and fetishes with sales assistants and other services like London escorts in Malmo which are great for people looking for sexual services, or would rather not go shopping for adult sex toys in public, If you’re looking for adult toys or accessories to use alone, visit Fleshlight for more details.

Now back to Australia: We don’t know what is going on down there but we do know that a large advertising agency called Unilever  created an imaginary airline called Lynx Jet to sell the Lynx line of deodorants.  The ads featured scantily clad flight attendants romping around in an onboard spa didn;t stop hundreds of ad viewers from calling the advertiser trying to book seats.  We assume they were told to book Cathay.