Q – We’ve beent here and done that, from Sandals to Sandy Lane. and my lady and I have decided that we’re done with big hotels, cruisers, and packaged tourists. Now, we’re looking for a few secret spots, just a few cottages on a beach where Jimmy Buffet might be lounging in the hammock. We’re big fans and we just like to chill out on vacation. Part of that, I suppose has to do with the fact that we live in Connecticut so Cheeseburgers in Paradise are still important to us. Laid back simple luxury. Do these places still exist in the Caribbean or do we have to start considering Mexico?

A – They do exist but Jimmy B. will not likely be in any hammock where you can find him. More likely it will be an insurance salesman from New Jersey. Actually you are most likely to find Jimmy in Palm Beach then the Caribbean. He did frequent the islands in the 80’s when he owned a home on St. Bart’s. So Jimmy’s idea of “Paradise” might be an island with French cuisine rather than hamburgers. although Le Select on St. Bart’s has certainly benefitted from the association. Don’t give up on the Caribbean. You have a lifetime of small pleasures ahead. First, try the Caves in Negril, Jamaica. Think of a dozen cottagesd that are up on cliffs overlooking the water. There is a good Spa, a nice sprinkling of Hollywood B-listers, and all-inclusive rates so you don’t need to leave campus. We also want you to try The Rock House out on Harbour Island in the Bahamas. A tad challenging to get to but you are just a few minutes from a great beach. Harbour is a wonderful out island and “The House” only has ten suites so there is never a crowd. We like Buffet’s music and we like a new policy he adopted several years ago. He only works onTuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. Any real Parrothead would, we think, have to follow that policy.