Q – Our family of four will be visiting St. Petersburg on a cruise operated by Celebrity. We hear it is one of the very top lines. Hope you agree. We will be bringing our 12 and 14 year old girls and wonder if there is a really good restaurant they might enjoy as we wander around St. Petersburg. We’re not the tour type and we love getting lost and going off the beaten track.

A – Your e-mail makes us a tad uneasy. First of all, Celebrity is not, by any measure, one of the very top lines. It is the very best line among the mainstream cruise lines that utilize larger ships. For the money, Celebrity offers real value and there are spots on their ships that are truly elegant and even understated. They have better food then their primary competitors, Holland America and Princess, but do not assume that you will have anything like a gourmet experience. Expect to be nickel and dimed for nearly everything. We do not feel that you ought to be exploring St. Petersburg without a guide. If you do not take this advice, make certain that you have obtained visas for everyone in your family. You will need one to wander off the ship without a pre-arranged tour.Now, with that said, do try the wonderful, new Lujaika on Aptekarsky Prospekt. They actually have a fishing pond for children and the restaurant has its own pet rabbits that roam the property.