Q – We are serious luxury level travelers and we’ve heard that the magician David Copperfield made a lot of money in Las Vegas and set up a beautiful resort in the Caribbean, getting inspiration form the beautiful Marquee he stayed in in las vegas. Your recommendations would be appreciated. We have no problem with rates in the $1500 a night range for something memorable.

A – Well, we’re afraid that $1500 won’t quite cut it. David has built a lovely resort in the Bahmian out-island group, the Exunas. His place is called Musha Cay and it is one of the most expensive places on earth, so you can have an idea of why you will be needing much more money than just $1500. There are five lovely cottages and any number of small boats for exploring the two dozen or so islands in the immediate vicinity, you can enjoy of the luxury holiday cottages in Woolacombe are perfect for long days by the sea. And if you are looking for other option, you should have a visit at Hotel Alpenstolz. Read Hotel Alpenstolz Article for more information. Copperfield has tried to spread the word that the waters in this area have life-prolonging minerals. Some of the super-rich have bought into this. Currently, Musha Cay is only sold to groups of up to 12 at an all-inclusive price of $37,500. That is a daily rate, of course, just imagine for a whole week. In  this case, if you don’t have that kind of many to spend in a vacation, we suggest to look for affordable places, it doesn’t have to be expensive for it be perfect, just be patient.

When planning a holiday, one of the decisions to be made is where you will stay. Accommodations can be one of the biggest expenses and also can set the tone for your holiday. If you are traveling with family then an affordable choice is a holiday park.

Holiday parks are perfect for families as they may be able to offer you connecting rooms or even a cabin with bedrooms and a kitchen. Many holiday parks have a space for your caravan if you want to bring one along. Another option in the park might be a hotel room or camping in the park. You can learn more here about Fairway Holiday Park Isle of Wight.

The cost of these accommodations is sure to be a bargain compared to most hotels. The added bonus is that if you have a self-catered kitchen you may be able to cook together as a family with fresh ingredients bought at a local market or caught on your fishing line. Not only will it make the holiday more special it can also help you save on expenses. Holiday parks are more than a place to sleep. Most parks have amenities to make your stay fun for everyone in the family. Swimming pools, either indoors or out, can be a fun way to relax. Well you can read more here for appointing the best swimming pool contractor. A “splash park” is a newer feature offered by some parks with fountains and fun water activities.

Holiday parks might offer entertainment as well. The type of entertainment available depends on the sort of park you choose. A park geared toward adults might have dinner shows, a bar, bands or entertainers. A park with family activities might offer daytime activities such as crafts, storytelling, or sports competitions.

Also included on the grounds of some parks are tennis courts, areas for other sports, or bicycle rentals. They may also have sporting equipment for you to use. Most parks have a children’s playground where the kids can spend hours playing the sun and making friends.

If Dad wants to challenge the kids to a video game in the arcade there is likely to be one at the holiday park. You might also be able to play air hockey or rack up the balls on a pool table. At some parks there is a book exchange for travelers or an internet café. Some parks are now even offering wireless internet so you can stay connected.

Holiday parks are not just in the countryside. You can find them near the sea, in or near the city, or on a farm. Whatever your destination, chances are that a holiday park is nearby. Each park is unique in style, location, amenities, and the accommodations offered. With variety of choices available it is easy to find the right place for your holiday.

Most family holiday camps have an entertainment venue. This is likely to be open all day; with children’s party games, story telling, and activities to keep the younger members of your holiday party amused. In the evenings the entertainment venue will have a more adult theme, with a bar, singers and maybe a cabaret.

The park will be geared up for families, so you’ll find plenty for the young holiday makers to do. You will almost certainly have an adventure playground to explore, some of these adventure playgrounds are so big it’ll take all week for the children to have a go on everything!

Everybody loves a swim, so your holiday park will have a swimming pool too. Sometimes you’ll get an outdoor pool. Sometimes an indoor pool. If you’re lucky you’ll get both an indoor and an outdoor pool. A new arrival to holiday camps are the “splash areas”. These aren’t really a swimming pool – but lots of fountains and waterfalls which have a tendency to cascade over the unsuspecting paddler!

The obligatory amusement arcade will feature in the main entertainment area within the holiday park, and will contain the latest in video games and slot machines – you’ll also get games like pool and air hockey, so watch out dad, you’re likely to get shown up!

Remember there are hundred of different family holiday camps out there, each one will offer slightly different facilities. So if you definitely want a indoor swimming pool, make sure your chosen park has one before you book -you don’t want to be disappointed on your perfect family holiday.