Q – I hope this question is appropriate but we are in shape and we enjoy nude beaches. It seems like most of what we read about beaches where you can go topless or even nude is licentious .We’re not into anything kinky it’s just that my husband and I can go to a beach near our home. When we think Caribbean we think of unwinding and being able to take off our suits without creating a small riot. We are rather upscale travelers and were wondering which islands or cruise ports are suited to our preferences? If any?

A – No problem at all. Nude or clothing optional beaches are becoming more and more popular. There are even some serious “clothing optional” tour operators who include nude beaches on their worldwide itineraries. In the Caribbean, we would recommend, first and foremost, the island of St. Bart’s. The two best options for you are Anse du Gouverneur or the more crowded Grande Saline. Probably the most famous clothing optional beach in the Caribbean in orient on the French side of St. Martin. But you do get gawkers from the States expressing their sexual repression and Freudian underpinnings. Hawksbill Bay is hard to get to on Antigua, an island that claims to have 365 beaches, but the taxi drivers know how to get you there. You will need to walk a way. Finally, consider Pointe Tarare on Guadeloupe. If you see a trend here it is only that the French are just more adult about all of this.