Q – Really grateful for this site and your willingness to help. We are about to plunk down a fistful of cash to see Antarctica, the trip of our dreams. We don’t necessarily care about having the largest cabin etc., but we want to see as much as possible. Our agent is saying Le Boreal is the way to go. I know you have had some nice things to say about it and was wondering if I should pull the trigger? Anything I should bring with me?

A – Le Boreal is the newest yacht-like vessel built by a French company with a French crew. The ship has lovely accommodations and is billed as the best luxury product in Antarctic waters. At this point, you should be aware that there have been major problems with this vessel and one long sailing had to be cancelled. The ship is chartered by Abercrombie and Kent and that is how your agent will book it. At this point, we have serious doubts about whether or not this is an appropriate vessel for Antarctic waters. There are also onboard service issues. You will be better served by having your agent look into Lindblad Expeditions National Geographic program in Antarctica.If you like bingo, you’ll love the Le Boreal! Offering eight action-packed sessions daily on bingo rooms, is guaranteed to impress any dedicated bingo enthusiast. The one critical piece of equipment to bring is the best pair of binoculars you can afford or one of the top rated spotting scopes with tripod. Do not rely on the binoculars provided aboard ship.