Q – We are making a return trip to Venice before embarking on a cruise. We have one night to spend before the cruise and we are looking at Ca’ Segredo, the Hotel Cipriani, or the Hilton Stuckey. We like our comfort and appreciate hotels that have safety procedures in place and no bed bugs. Where should we stay?

A – In order to answer you properly we would need some particulars. But since we don’t have them, we’ll answer improperly. The Hotel Cipriani is not appropriate for one night. You need to thin k of convenience in terms of an airport transfer as well as a water taxi tot he ship the enxt day. The Hilton Stuckey is out near trhe edge of the lagoon and is a nice addition to the Venetian skyline. But it is very much a group hotel. To feel like you are staying in Venice and for its location on the Grand Canal between the Ca D’Oro and the Rialto Bridge, we recommend Ca’Segredo. Do plan on walking the Rialto neighborhood on the morning following your arrival.