Q – Thanks to Japan Airlines mileage desk, and a business trip, my wife and I are headed to Tokyo for two weeks on the company. But, unfortunately, that does not extend to the six days we are on our own for a short vacation. We live in Denver where there is some good Japanese food but we are anxious, really anxious to try the real thing. Where should we splurge and how can we learn the most while dining well for the few days we have in the city?

A – We never minimize the challenges of Tokyo. But the rewards are beyond measure as the starting point for everything is so different. Two approaches we recommend. Find someone at your company based in Tokyo who is willing to take you to one or two food markets. Have them explain what is being sold and how it is used in traditional Japanese dishes. Along with this experience, try to hit some of the better restaurants for lunch instead of dinner. You will have fewer courses and prices will be half of what you pay in the evening. Finally, for a splurge, we would recommend the chef of the moment, Yoshihiro Narisawa who is making culinary history at Les Creations de Narisawa. Figure dinner at between $225-$250 per person with wine.

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