Q – I have one, hopefully, simple question. How are people supposed to keep up with events in a country abroad they are going to be visiting in the near future? Sure there is lots of info on the internet but it all seems uneducated or anecdotal. Travel agents don;t seem very good at describing current conditions and, according to CNN and FOX, every country on earth is in turmoil. We depart for Ankara and Istanbul in two weeks. How should we prep?

A – Fair enough. First, consider using one of the better security sites.The one we like is These folks are in the business of analyzing security threats for prominent individuals and corporations. They will send you a summary report that will cover Turkey and it will be up-to-date. But the best thing you can do is scan the local papers in English before you travel abroad. Just go to for a list of worldwide newspapers in English. They will link you to the site and you’re off. You will know more about the current situation in Turkey then some of the licensed guides.