Q – Don’ know if you can answer this – wondering if I can win anything for stumping you. The wifey and I are off to Monte Carlo for a nine-night First Class cruise on one of the best lines out there. She is looking forward to dressing up and showing off her jewelry. She wants to put it in our luggage since “we’re insured” if the airlines lose her bag. If she looses the family jewels, will I actually be able to get replacement value when I file a claim?

A – Packing expensive jewelry in your luggage is a dumb idea. “Wifey” will just have to pack it in her carry on. You are bound by each airline’s “Contract of Carriage.” In the United States, airlines have a maximum total liability, seldom utilized, of $3,300. But the contract of carriage always states that the airline does not accept any liability for lost luggage. Here’s a wild idea – when visiting other countries and trying to fit in with their culture and customs, showing off one’s acquisitions is not the best way to be seen in a positive light.