Q – Enjoy your site but you have to know that most of your visitors can’t afford to get around by taxi or private drivers. A lot of us use public transportation and your site is not very good at telling us how to get around on the cheap. Right now, we are getting ready for a trip to Italy and the Amalfi Coastal. My specific question is how do I get from Sorrento, where we’re staying, to Positano, which we hear is a cool village. Hope you will improve your site to include more stuff for folks like me.

A – We want to assure you that we won’t. But it is always nice to hear from an escapee from TripAdvisor.See here’s the thing. Some adults have enough money to travel well. There aren’t many places for them to go in cyberspace to get unbiased travel advice. Meanwhile, there are tens of thousands of travel sites devoted to travel on the cheap. Because we are polite and we appreciate your visit, and also because even rich people sometimes like using public transportation to get a true sense of place, here is what you need to know: SITA is Italy’s largest bus company. There is a public Sita bus route from Circumvesuviana in Sorrento right to Positano. You buy your ticket at any tobacco shop and then stamp your ticket in the machine next to the driver. It’s really easy but the bus can get crowded. Just go down to Sorrento Marina Piccolo. You can catch the ferry right where you get the ticket. The ferry will drop you off at Positano’s tiny harbor in the center of town. If you are staying at one of the hotels at the top of the small hill, the bus stop will be closer.