Q – Instead of going to Paris, we’ve been there five times, we’ve chosen, much to the consternation of our very local, she lives next door, travel agent, Quebec this coming August. We’ve asked about hotels and she recommended the Chateau Frontenac. But it seems huge and huge is not something we generally like unless we’re at some kind of buffet. We don’t mind spending up to $500 per night for something nice. Should we go with her recommendation?Love the site but I wonder if we’re the first dummies who ever considered a vacation in Quebec? None of my friends have been there.

A – We actually think that you are far ahead of the travel curve. Combining Montreal and Quebec is an ideal alternative to crossing the pond and you will find some of the best neighborhoods along with world class cuisine if you prepare adequately for the trip. We are big fans of the Fairmont group but for your trip we will, instead, recommend the 94 room Auberge Saint-Antonio. This hotel has antique character but aspects of modern design. It is located on an absolutely wonderful street filled with restaurants, antique stores, and small boutiques. If it is not available, try the smaller Hotel Dominion 1912. It is a short walk away from major sites but restaurants abound in the area. The hotel has a cool, modern vibe. They serve breakfast – but that’s it. Ask your travel agent for a copy of the Hotel Inspection reports for all three properties. If she doesn’t know what you are talking about, keep her as a neighbor but lose her as an adviser.