40 Somethings on Ibiza

Q – OK, we’re in our forties, about three decades younger then your average blogger on this site. My goodness, if they are so afraid of getting robbed, hurt, or sick, why don’t they just stay and go to Starbucks for entertainment? But we trust your advice so put on your party hats and advise, if you only had one night on Ibiza, where would you party?

A – Actually, we don;t go to Starbucks because it is filled with 40 something’s starring vapidly at their computer screens. Our generations prefer places where people actually converse. You are not a very good prognosticator of demographics – but that said, The Blue Marlin is where you want to head. It sits right ont he beach, has great music, and they spritz you with water instead of air conditioning. Pardon us if we don’t join you.

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