Just Back from the Tombs:

The Egyptian tombs, that is, in New York’s wondrous Metropolitan Museum where the Conde Nast folks hosted their annual Reader’s Choice Awards. Cocktails were offered in the huge room holding The Temple of Dendur circa 15 BC.

Hotel exeus, cruise line execs, and representatives of worldwide destinations were in the running for awards that are worth their weight in marketing gold.

Some of the awards were easy to handicap. San Francisco, everyone’s favorite US city, although one must be careful not to trip over the poets sleeping like so many jack-o-lanterns along the street. Jet Blue won best US airline – but that’s a lot like saying “he has the nicest house in Calcutta”.

Singapore was voted world’s best international carrier. Business majors note that it is far easier to design the world’s best airline without the disruptions caused by a two-party system.