Announcing the Mall of Kabul Tour:

A new 9-story hotel and shopping center complex has opened in Kabul, Afghanistan. The 90-store mall is the first fully air-conditioned building in the nation and features Afghanistan’s first ever escalators.

Security outside is tight. Half a division or so troops are protecting the shoppers, most of whom have never seen a mall before. As relatively unsafe as things appear to be outside, the real danger is inside where burkas have been catching in the escalator mechanisms causing a good deal of anguish and fear .Moving stairways to lady’s fine fragrances is a new concept in these parts.

The Mall’s developers have announced that they are planning on opening a second mall in the western part of the country in Herat. It’s tentative name is The Twin Towers.

If you own an Einstein bagel franchise, you may want to be aware that not all of the 90 retail spaces are currently rented.